This post won’t have a real topic, it’s just clothes I currently fancy.

All clothes from modcloth.com or topshop.com


Geek Fashion – Part IV

Yes here’s a part IV. For those who wonder where I get those Shirts from, google your hands bloody on this site:

(Best of both worlds! Zombies and Brains.)

Geek Fashion – Part III

Yes,yes, I can’t let go… Part III.

Geek Fashion – Part II

Because it’s fun as hell, here’s Part II of the virtual shopping trip for  incredible geek appearal. I’ll name it: “How to make your wandrobe look smart!

Geek Fashion – Part I

So I am most definatley a geek. And a nerd. And anything remotely similar… so naturally I love geek fashion! This time, no commentary is neccessary. So have a look in the twisted mind of a geek/nerd girl:

Christmas Aftermath

The silly season is over and I got my final christmas gift today (thanks to the slow german and australian post) – a bunch of great clothes! Itold my parents exactly what I wanted, because the best way to be orginial in Australia is to NOT buy australian fashion. Absolutly everything here looks identical – girls wear pastel colors, short shorts or miniskirts, Billabong shirts and Flipflops. Every chick seems to have the same hairdresser too, layered light brunette or blonde semi-thick dos that are worn open or in a loose bun. Guys wear Billabong shirts (well isn’t that original) and shorts with Flipflops… and “frosted tips” in their longish, Jonas Brother-esque hair. Basically every Australian under 25 looks like a surfer or a surfer’s girlfriend. Don’t get me wrong, that’s cool and cute and whatnot but it’s absolutly not my thing. I guess I’m too used to dark, grey skies and the possibility to buy clothes in other colors than pink, orange and yellow. Therefore, I decided I really want some fashion for Xmas, preferably from Not-Australia. So that’s what I picked and got:

(left to right)

Pic 1 – Love this cardigan. I underestimated that Australia has nights, and that nights arn’t warm, so I really needed a new jacket and stripy red & black is always good.
Pic 2 – This Marlene Dietrich pants are just amazing, even if I haven’t showered, wear my oldest shirt and the diretiest shoes… with that pants  I still look sophisticated.

Pic 3 – Yesssssss!  Plaid ftw!
Pic 4 – I’m not exactly a bag-carrying person but I wanted a big crumple-able red faux leather bag and here I am, a proud owner of the described 🙂

Pic 5 – I liked this necklace. I actually hate gold but I liked it here – the yellow & black button and the bowler hat probably convinced me.
Pic 6 – a matching pin to the necklace! Actually, it’s two pins, the safety pin is serperated from the bowlerhat/button pin.

Pic 7 – Yes I got Ballerinas. Who would have thought! I’m a chucks adict, not so much into girly shoes but those were very cheap and I liked the shiny-ness and I don’t own any blue clothing at all so that’s a nice new touch.

I also got a knitted shirt in white with a printed black ruffle on it but there’s no picture detectable on the H&M website or anywhere else, so just believe me that it’s adorable  : P

I also got 3 awesome books (one about science and 2 about music marketing) from BF and a really cool pillow in european shape, big deal, long story. Furthermore did I receive a pedometer & herb seeds, I plan to walk 10,000 steps a day and plant my own herbs so I don’t have to buy them anymore and have ’em fresh.

I hope everybody had a nice christmas and is ready for 2009, may the next year be a good one!


I’m quite a fan of topshop really, therefore, a post about “what Kitty would buy if she had the cash”. I simply collected everything I adored on the first glance:

Pic 1 – love hoodies, love green, love “bang”
Pic 2 – I’m usuallt not a leggins type of person but those are cool

Pic 1 – I always wanted a playsuit and this one’s really pretty, the collar-thing!
Pic 2 – Yes I AM a fan of tartan and this blazer’s just cool.

Pic 1 – When I saw those, I suddenly thought on the Bobby Fuller Four,
a sixties band that wrote “I Fought The Law”, covered by The Clash and a zillion others.
Pic 2 – Doc Martens, I basically want any color available, please 🙂

Pic 1 –  Cozy 🙂
Pic 2 – Newspaperboy, Paris, 1910.  I’ve a thing for history.